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Strategic Voting Site Releases Advanced Interactive Election Prediction Tool

Thursday, October 9th 2008 8:44:23am

For Immediate Release
October 9, 2008

Strategic Voting Site Releases Advanced Interactive Election Prediction Tool

VANCOUVER - The highly successful strategic voting site released an advanced version of their strategic vote modeling tool.

The new tool allows journalists, pundits, and bloggers to delve more deeply into the numbers in order to better understand how national and provincial polls will likely shake out in specific ridings.

\"Yesterday alone received close to 50,000 visits,\" said Kevin Grandia, co-founder of

\"There is clearly a big appetite among Canadians to get solid information on which to base a vote to defeat Stephen Harper. We have been working very hard to provide the most accurate strategic picks and transparent rationale to Canadians.\"

The tool provided today allows those interested in going to further depth in the number to do so and compare potential result. Major public polling is pre loaded and can be reviewed. Our small team is grateful is for any emails with suggested improvements and issue.

The site will continue to improve until the October 12th when we will publish a final version of the site with the best information available before voting day.

About is a coalition of Canadians concerned about Canada\'s efforts to fight climate change. The coalition is focused on helping progressive Canadians understand the benefits of strategic voting for each opposition party, and for the country as a whole, in order to overcome an ineffective electoral system.  Ultimately the group wants to prevent a Harper government that has worked against efforts to fight climate change and has done significant damage to Canada\'s reputation in the world from obtaining a majority.


Media Contact: Kevin Grandia
Phone: 778-240-6343