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ProjectDemocracy Launches On-line Tool to Help Progressive Voters Get Beyond Spin and Make Their Vote Count

Tuesday, April 12th 2011 9:59:48am

Immediate Release

(Ottawa, April 12, 2011) Stephen Harper’s governments have shown contempt for democratic values and process and scorned action on progressive issues.  But vote-splitting among the opposition parties in dozens of Ridings could hand him a majority.  ProjectDemocracy.ca, a new initiative launched today, is a dynamic tool that gets beyond partisan posturing by offering the information and analysis voters need to make fact-based decisions on election day.

We all have our political preferences and loyalties. And in most ridings, it makes perfect sense to vote for the party or candidate we like best. But there are also ridings where a vote for our preferred party or candidate is actually a vote for another Harper government.

ProjectDemocracy.ca offers a practical projection model, using historical data and the most recent public polls, to sort through the campaign claims and spin so voters can use their ballots to stop Harper and get a change for the better in Parliament.

ProjectDemocracy.ca builds on VoteForEnvironment.ca which attracted 3.5 million hits from 440,000 Canadians during the 2008 election.  Information and advice will be updated throughout the campaign, and is available in both official languages.

"Putting riding-level knowledge at Canadian’s fingertips can be the game-changer in this election," says ProjectDemocracy.ca co-founder Alice Klein. "Let’s switch the lose-lose election landscape to a win-win for all the opposition parties on election day."

In this election, Vote Compass points to voter preference, but www.ProjectDemocracy.ca points to a progressive outcome.


For more information please call: 416-318-2805 (cell) or 416-364-1300 (ext. 379) or e-mail media@projectdemocracy.ca