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Satisfied Ontario power utilities choose GreenSaver to provide Energy Conservation programs for 2015-2020

Tuesday, June 16th 2015 10:09:35am

(June 16th 2015) As Ontario Local Distribution Companies (LDC) and electricity utilities consider their options for providing energy conservation demand management (CDM) programs, required under the new 2015-2020 provincial energy conservation framework, four utilities (E.L.K. Energy Inc., Hydro Hawkesbury Inc., Cooperative Hydro Embrun Inc. and Hydro 2000 Inc.) have already selected GreenSaver to deliver the full suite of required provincial programs and provide their complete CDM needs.

GreenSaver is Ontario’s leading not-for-profit energy efficiency organization, delivering nearly 100 different CDM programs for nearly 50 utilities across Ontario. The experience GreenSaver brings to delivering these commercial, residential, industrial and low income CDM programs significantly reduces the LDC risk of not achieving their energy saving targets.

In fact, Mark Danelon, Director of Finance and Regulatory Affairs, E.L.K. Energy, observed "Our priorities are helping as many of our customers as possible while also meeting our energy conservation targets. GreenSaver is a great fit for both goals: with nearly 25 years non-profit experience in conservation, they will minimize risk with our CDM portfolio while providing our customers with incentives to save energy."

Michel Poulin, General Manager of Hydro Hawkesbury added “With a proven CDM track record, GreenSaver will help our customers understand what incentives are available to them. They've got the experience and the capacity to efficiently deliver our conservation CDM portfolio and we like the idea of partnering with a non-profit.”

GreenSaver President and CEO Vladan Veljovic stated, "GreenSaver is thrilled with this vote of support from the LDCs. We are excited to be delivering a complete package of LDC industrial, commercial residential and low income CDM programs across the province. This integrated approach provides superior customer service in local communities across Ontario, and maximizes value to ratepayers and the LDCs."


For more information about GreenSaver, visit www.greensaver.org or call Tom Wynn at 416-203-3106 x320.

To schedule print, radio or TV interviews, please contact Michael Zupanic at 416-972-7404.

GreenSaver is Ontario’s leading not-for-profit energy efficiency organization. For nearly 25 years it has delivered energy conservation programs for government, agencies and utilities, assisting homeowners and businesses across Ontario to reduce their energy and environmental footprint. Currently, GreenSaver successfully delivers nearly 100 different CDM programs for nearly 50 utilities, across Ontario. The experience GreenSaver brings to delivering these residential, commercial, industrial and low income CDM programs, along with over 70 CDM professionals, significantly reduces the LDC 's risk of not achieving their energy saving targets. GreenSaver is also a trusted name in environmental energy efficiency with homeowners and businesses across the province. (www.greensaver.org).

E.L.K. Energy Inc. serves the communities of Essex, Harrow, Belle River, Comber, Kingsville and Cottham in Southwestern Ontario. With 12,000 customers throughout Essex County, E.L.K. Energy delivers power for the county seat of Essex and is committed to providing the very best in electricity distribution.

Serving the city of Hawkesbury in eastern Ontario, Hydro Hawkesbury Inc. provides electricity to 5,500 customers on the Ottawa River. Hydro Hawkesbury Inc.'s mission is to provide fast and efficient customer service to its customers.

Coopérative Hydro Embrun Inc. Is the only cooperative hydro company in Ontario that distributes a patronage return to its members. Serving almost 2,000 customers in eastern Ontario, it provides energy to Embrun Township in Prescott and Russell United Counties.

Providing electricity to the towns of Alfred and Plantagenet, Hydro 2000 Inc. serves over 1,200 customers in eastern Ontario. Hydro 2000 Inc. prides itself on delivering quality, courteous, efficient and fast service to its residential and commercial customers.