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Let’s Plant! Join Forests Ontario and CAA North & East for Community Planting Event in Sudbury

Wednesday, May 10th 2017 11:58:31am

Enhance Sudbury’s Parkland by planting trees this Saturday

Sudbury, ON, May 10th, 2017 -“Join Forests Ontario, CAA NEO, and Kivi Park on May 13th for a community tree planting event. Forests Ontario invites community members to join us for this free half day tree planting event. No previous tree planting experience is necessary. This is the perfect opportunity to meet your neighbours and take part in making Ontario greener and healthier.

This event marks the launch of tree planting season by inviting community volunteers to work together to beautify public spaces in their communities through tree planting. The trees planted as part of the Community Planting Weekend will count toward the government of Ontario’s Green Leaf Challenge, which encourages all Ontarians to plant trees and count them toward Ontario’s three million goal.

The event will be held rain or shine and participants are asked to bring a shovel, water bottle and lots of energy! Forests Ontario and its partners will supply the rest -“ the trees, forestry specialists, mulch, and refreshments. Appropriate outdoor clothing, sturdy shoes (steel toe if possible), a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent are recommended. Parking and maps are available at www.forestsontario.ca.

President and CEO of CAA, Christina Hlusko, supports the goal of this tree planting event. “CAA North & East Ontario (CAA NEO) is proud to sponsor the Kivi Park tree planting, in partnership with Forests Ontario. Keeping our communities green is a top priority for our Members, who have helped to plant thousands of trees in communities across Ontario in the past several years,” says Christina Hlusko, President, and CEO, CAA NEO. “An event like this is a great way to bring together families, community members and volunteers to make a positive impact on our public spaces, as well as a practical way to protect our environment by offsetting carbon emissions.” To learn more, please visit www.forestsontario.ca or follow us @Forests_Ontario.

The trees that will be planted at the Sudbury Community Plant will clean the air and water, encourage healthy watersheds, enhance biodiversity and sequester carbon. Each planting also contributes to greater green space across public parks, trails, conservation, areas, and lakefronts, creating more recreational opportunities for the surrounding community.
Recognition goes out to our planting event partners: Kivi Park, CAA NEO, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, and Ontario Wood.

Location:        Sudbury

Time:             May 13, 2017 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Partners:        Kivi Park, CAA North & East Ontario, TD Friends of the Environment, Ontario Wood

About Forests Ontario
Forests Ontario is the voice for our forests. Our mission is to restore the health of our ecosystem through large-scale forest restoration efforts and to increase understanding of the social, economic, and ecological importance of forests through a range of education and awareness initiatives. In collaboration with over 85 partners, Forests Ontario plants nearly three million trees every year and engages more than 10,000 students in learning about our natural ecosystems through in-class and outdoor programs.

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To learn more, please visit www.forestsontario.ca or follow us @Forests_Ontario.


For more information, photos or to arrange an interview please contact:

Shelley McKay
Director of Communications & Development
Forests Ontario
E: smckay@forestsontario.ca
P: 416-646-1193 ext. 232  
C: 416-619-0783

Jeannette Holder
Communications Manager
Forests Ontario
E: jholder@forestsontario.ca  
P: 416-646-1193 ext. 257
C: 416-522-8140