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ClimateWire is the only Canadian wire service that has our climate change impact at heart. ClimateWire provides timely distribution of news that relates to the causes, reduction and scope of climate change in Canada.

ClimateWire.ca is affiliated with Environmental Communication Options, experts in design and delivery of scaleable CSR media and outreach strategies.

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Recent Releases from Environmental Communication Options

Wood Stove Changeout information website launched

Published Wed, 2 May 2018 09:34:27 EST Read More

(Toronto, May 2, 2018) - ECO Strategy (Environmental Communication Options) today launched a new website modernwoodheatchangeout.ca to provide organizations, individuals and government agencies with information on wood stove changeout programs. ECO Strategy’s President, Don Huff has long been an advocate of wood stove changeouts. Wood stove changeouts are when an old inefficient unit is replaced with a modern clean burning stove and ...... Click here to read this release

Environmental Communication Options - March 2011 Newsletter

Published Tue, 8 Mar 2011 09:16:01 EST Read More

MARCH 2011 NEWSLETTER It has been a busy past few months at Environmental Communications Options (ECO), with files from Newfoundland to British Columbia landing on our desks. In addition to our retainer client files, we have had some interesting custom assignments. They included organizing major media events for these clien...... Click here to read this release

Environmental Communication Options (ECO) passes ten year milestone

Published Tue, 23 Feb 2010 07:41:54 EST Read More

Environmental Communication Options (ECO) passes ten year milestone Canada’s oldest Environmental Relations firm celebrates a decade in business (Toronto/Sudbury ON, February 23 2010) For ten years, Don Huff has done what he loves running: Environmental Communication Options (ECO’s), Canada’s pioneering Environmental Relations firm. The firm has been successful thanks to Don’s thirty years of experience in the environment, energy and natural resources sectors. His r...... Click here to read this release