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BOMA throws support behind Ontario’s Green Energy Act

Wednesday, March 18th 2009 2:50:57pm

BOMA throws support behind Ontario’s Green Energy Act

(Toronto, ON, March 18, 2009) Last month, the province of Ontario tabled legislation aimed at making the province both a leader in renewable energy and energy conservation and the creator of a new, green economy. Premier McGuinty's Green Energy Act takes on some very important issues and, when passed, will ensure a substantial increase in renewable energy projects as a sustainable addition to the energy supply mix.

Also included in the Act are incentive programs, assistance for low income Ontarians and a requirement to label the Energy Efficiency of ‘real property’ at time of sale. Ottawa-Orléans MPP Phil McNeely introduced the possibility of mandatory labeling with Bill 101 last September.

"The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) applauds Mr. McGuinty, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, George Smitherman and their colleagues for taking this bold step towards mitigating Ontario’s carbon footprint," said BOMA Executive Vice President Chuck Stradling.

"We’re very excited about the Green Energy Act, and look forward to supporting it in whatever way we can."

"BOMA understands that commercial properties contribute to global warming and also recognize the potential that exists to make the sector more ecologically sustainable,” continued Mr. Stradling. “We’re thrilled that the provincial government has also recognized this potential. BOMA has been working closely with the government on several energy & environmental fronts and are pleased with the stakeholder processes they have

The BOMA BESt (Building Environmental Standards) for existing buildings was launched in October 2008 as an updated and simplified environmental certification program. The online assessment provides four levels of building certification that could easily meet the labelling requirements of the GEA for existing commercial properties. BOMA BESt, provides members with detailed benchmarking data and guidelines to help them operate their properties in a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient manner. It has been adopted at all levels of government as well as the private sector.

In addition the BOMA Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Program is paying off in real dollars for sustainable electricity savings for members and non-members alike. The Program’s goal is to help Toronto’s building owners, and in turn the Province of Ontario, reduce their electricity consumption by providing $60 million in ‘green capital’ cash incentives. To date Toronto property owners have committed, through the CDM Program, in excess of $61 million in capital projects delivering over 17,000 kW of electricity conservation. Enough to power over 7,000 Ontario homes.

BOMA views the Green Energy Act as an opportunity to contribute to Ontario's fight against climate change, and hopes to see its member organizations take up the challenge.

Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, George Smitherman, will address the Green Energy Act in the morning session of the BOMA Annual Energy & Environment Forum, March 31st, at the Liberty Grand in Toronto. Following the Energy & Environment Forum Mr. Paul Murphy, CEO of the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) will be addressing BOMA members at the AGM luncheon on the subject of the “Smart Grid”.


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Established in 1917, the Building Owners and Managers Association of the Greater Toronto Area – BOMA Toronto – has grown along with the evolution of the institutional, commercial and industrial building sector. Its territory includes all of Ontario except for the Ottawa Capital Region. BOMA Toronto has grown to over 800 real estate professional members representing 80 per cent of all commercial and industrial real estate companies in the GTA and beyond. These individuals are the leading building owners, property and facility managers, developers, leasing agents, and service providers. BOMA Toronto is also prominent on the national and international stages. It is an affiliate of the 17,000-member BOMA International organization, a federated member of BOMA Canada, and the second-largest local BOMA Association in North America.